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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

You know it's bad when ...

You know it's bad when Fox News describes something a conservative or conservative organization did as "shocking."

Yes, the thing referred to in the previous post that Delusional Lunatic did was "shocking." Only, Think Tank, collectively, has taken the blame because the public doesn't know that Delusional Lunatic was acting alone. And since Delusional Lunatic is also Think Tank's CEO (previously referred to here as Think Tank Boss's Boss), nobody is likely to find out anytime soon. People's jobs are already at risk because it's possible Think Tank will simply implode in the not too distant future. Nobody wants to get fired before that happens for pointing fingers without a solid contingency plan in place.

Hence Project Mutiny (see comments to previous post). Think Tank's "brand" has become irreparably damaged. It's not only toxic but radioactive. Donors have been pulling out en masse. Delusional Lunatic's action was what you could literally call, already, a million dollar mistake, but Delusional Lunatic isn't apologizing or acknowledging any wrong doing.

In other words, Delusional Lunatic has destroyed our capacity to raise money and do work. An apology probably wouldn't do any good anyway. The damage has already been done, and Project Mutiny is the only answer. The lawyers are still negotiating over a severance agreement, and today I will be taking care of getting tax ID numbers and other matters related to setting up New Think Tank. One major donor that withdrew from Think Tank has promised to provide New Think Tank with liquidity for the first few months while it gets on its feet.


  1. *lightbulb moment*

    ...I think I know what you're talking about.

    I'll shut up now. Good luck!!

  2. Heh, obviously I don't really care if people figure it out at this point. It's too much fun to write about, and I've only told a fraction of the story. Plus, they've already locked us out of the website(s), and I expect our @thinktank.org email will be cut off soon. We don't really work there anymore, and it will be official as soon as the lawyers get finished with the details. If the lawyers can't reach a reasonable agreement, things could get pretty ugly, as we are not only negotiating severance pay but also the right to apologize publicly.