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Saturday, May 5, 2012


Dear Delusional Lunatic,

You accomplished on your own everything I had hoped to and more. When I set my sights on sabotaging your project, I never imagined things could have possibly turned out so well.

Thanks for finishing what I started. I only wish I could take credit, but you hit the self-destruct button all by your lonesome, depraved, delusional self.

Good luck screwing over your entire staff. I'm sure they deeply appreciate what you've done.

Yours truly,
Unethical Asshole


  1. Wish I didn't have to be so fucken obscure. Sorry. There may be a tell-all book version one day, though, that you might look forward to. Starring some of your favorite right winger pigge people who just may have shat in their own trough and then ate their own shit. I have the privilege of being stuck in the barnyard.

  2. I should add that I am neither Delusional Lunatic nor Unethical Asshole. Also, Think Tank Boss is neither of these people. Ze got screwed, too. These individuals are not on speaking terms and have both done despicable, unprofessional things. This is what I imagine UA saying to DL.

    It would all actually be righteously funny in a sicko warped sort of way if it weren't for the fact that my salary and job security depend on DL coming to an amicable resolution of this shiftiest with staff -- that is, soon to be former staff who got shit on their faces due to no fault of their own and are in the process of staging a mutiny of sorts.

  3. I must admit, I am immensely curious about what's going on ... while simultaneously hoping that everything stays stable for you and for the people you like in the Think Tank World you now occupy.

    Good luck! I look forward to reading the tell-all book. :)

  4. Thanks! The next couple weeks are gonna be rough, but I think I'm actually in an OK position. One of two things is going to happen. My "branch" of Think Tank will break off and take funding with them/us to form a new think tank. My role in this would involve a lot more responsibility and significantly better pay. I'd still be doing admin work but instead of "secretary" my job title would be something like "director of operations." The other possibility is something I can't talk about yet but would also involve more responsibility and better pay. Nothing is certain, though. Let's just say I'm fuming over the hate mail I'm unfairly being bombarded with because of things other people (who should have known better) have done, lawyers are involved in Project Mutiny, and I'm chafing at the bit to blog about all of it. Stay tuned!!

    1. Wow! Well, speaking from experience, a better job title and better pay is definitely a win-win. Fingers crossed for you!

  5. Ouch about lawyers, hate mail, and frustrating situations. But good luck with the new job possiblity, higher pay and better job title! Fingers crossed.

  6. Thanks. Stay tuned for updates. Things started out pretty ugly with the lawyers today. Delusional Lunatic's party essentially refusing to negotiate (I suppose that's what you'd expect from a delusional lunatic). However, there are now negotiations over whether and how to negotiate. Stay tuned.