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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Crash Course in Accounting and Payroll

So, no real news on the severance agreement yet. Delusional Lunatic's attorney reviewed our proposal and sent a counter proposal. Then we sent back a counter proposal to the counter proposal. It's not fully or officially resolved yet, but at least we are talking and there will be some amount of severance pay (roughly a month).

In the meantime, I've been working on figuring out what it is exactly I will be doing at New Think Tank. Seems to be pretty much EVERYTHING an entire "support" staff would do. In addition to all the lesser things I've been doing all along, I will be in charge of accounting, payroll, expense tracking and reimbursement, invoicing ... it's possible we will contract payroll out to ADP or some other such service but I'd be the point of contact and responsible for tracking it in Quick Books ... We haven't worked out benefits administration yet ...

I have never done any of this stuff before.

Learning how it all works is, I suppose, worthwhile, if a bit tedious. There's also the issue of time. None of this is rocket science, but time is of the essence. We need to be up and running SOON. People get mad if they don't get paid for work or reimbursed for expenses (including me!). And if there's a fuck-up in tracking incoming and outgoing funds, that's a problem, too.

So, it's difficult and tenuous. But if everything goes according to plan, I get a big raise once the severance is complete and we're a completely new entity. And we are free of our ties to Delusional Lunatic and Toxic Brand and free to continue doing what we did before under a new name with all of the support of previous donors.

There is also the possibility that Other Possibility I alluded to in comments to the Fallout post will become reality, but that and its back story are the subject of another post. Even if it does, it wouldn't start until July, so I'd stll be doing this transition stuff while possibly looking for and training a replacement ...

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