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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Silence Is Deafening

We have been waiting all day to find out whether the lawyers have reached a severance agreement.

No word yet. In fact, no communications at all from Delusional Lunatic's office.

Is there a psychological term for projecting onto your perceived enemies the very qualities that impair your own judgment? Projection -- yes, perhaps that's it! And paranoia, too. Everyone, clearly, is out to get Delusional Lunatic. The Bubble Gum Shit Theory of Planet Earth experts, activists, and their sympathizers in the media. Oh, and wait, all your donors, supporters, and staff, too! What did you expect? Are you in touch with reality? No, it's everybody else that's out of touch with reality!!

At this point, we just want to be done with the whole mess and free to move forward. Seems like they're holding us hostage by holding up the negotiations process. If they don't like our proposal for severance, they should make a counter proposal. It's mind-boggling and maddening, but, then, we are dealing with a delusional lunatic ...

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