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Thursday, February 16, 2012

I Just Got an E-mail Damning Me Today for Working at Think Tank. How Has Your Day Been?

Think Tank is caught up in a bit of a kerfluffle of late. I can't disclose anything specific, but, suffice it to say, ignorance abounds on both sides. Certain Think Tank "experts" are known widely for taking a contrarian view of Subject X. Other people who work here, myself included, as well as others who are politically further to the right, take the mainstream view and are somewhat embarrassed to be associated with the position and policies Think Tank promotes with regards to Subject X. We find it willfully ignorant.

But willful ignorance goes both ways. Really, when you send hate mail to people you don't know because you think the place they work -- which you know nothing about except unsubstantiated rumors you've read on partisan blogs -- is unequivocally Evil with a capital "E," what exactly are you trying to accomplish? Am I supposed to feel bad? Am I supposed to quit? My office doesn't even deal with Subject X.

Even if I am sympathetic to your views, how am I supposed to take you seriously when you send me a statement like this?
To all of you good people at [Think Tank],

I very sincerely hope and wish that you all experience a loss of someone close to your heart, who perished very young as a result of _______________, a major cause of _____________.

My 27 year old son, a former US Nuclear Navy Engineer, died unnecessarily from complications induced by ______________.

May your God forgive you.

Yeah, awesome. Fuck you, too, whoever you are. Great way to promote tolerance, understanding, and world peace.

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  1. Geez... it sucks...myself, I just got into a fight with my new health insurance...