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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Popular Past Posts

According to my stats, it appears that a couple of posts I wrote a while ago are getting an increase in traffic of late. Not sure why. But whatever. For readers who may have missed them, those two posts are:

Random Observations from Inside the Belly of the Beast, in which I talk about, during my first few weeks as Think Tank Secretary, being undercover, so-to-speak, at a right-wing shindig here in Crapitol City.

And then, there's this one, Oppression: A New Definition, in which I respond to the rantings of a "delusional anti-government Randite fuckebagge" (thanks for that one CPP. I'll be quoting it for a loooong time!) if ever there was one. And the motherfucker's not only delusional but obsessive-compulsive about Googling his own name. Crazy bastard, who publishes in the WSJ no less, left a comment mere moments after I put the post up. On MY humble, smart-ass, stupid blog! (yeah, go read that one, and feel free to leave a belated comment of your own that puts him in his place!).

If you liked either of those two posts, you might also like this one, Saga of the Letter -- Or, a Lesson in Rhetoric, which hasn't been getting any traffic at all but which made Think Tank Boss laugh out loud at the time because it so truly illustrates how things work around here sometimes.

And if none of those makes you laugh out loud yourselves, go over and check out this hilarious piece in The Onion: Fiscally I'm A Right-Wing Nutjob, But On Social Issues I'm Fucking Insanely Liberal. Pretty much sums things up.

Ah, paradox. How I do thrive on thee!

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