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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Honey Badger Don't Give a Shit About the MLA Job Information List

So, word has it that the MLA Job Information List is up. Awesome! I haven't troubled myself to look yet, but if you have and are freaking out at what's out there (or, like NOT out there!) and the whole prospect of writing all those shitty letters and sending out your materials for shitty jobs you could give a shit about but think you desperately want anyway ... well, I got news for you!

The Honey Badger could give a shit about the JIL, and you, friends, need to be a little more like The Honey Badger. Just watch this video. Imagine you're The Honey Badger ... and those jobs? (Wait, what jobs?) Those jobs? Just imagine those jobs are the rats and snakes and larvae The Honey Badger likes to eat. And you just annihilate those applications, like The Honey Badger! Rip 'n shred those motherfuckers!!

Srsly, people, you need to watch this video:

Now, don't you feel better?

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