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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

What's on Tap for You This Afternoon?

There's a bar downstairs from the office. They have a decent selection of beer on tap, vegetarian sandwiches (er, a few anyway), and free wifi. Apparently my predecessor used to hang out here a lot, but this is the first time I've migrated down from the office. Probably won't be the last.

The biggest reason I mostly stay in the office ist that I prefer to work plugged into a monitor. The laptop screen is hard to see (too small, too much glare), and to see it well enough to do anything of a serious nature, I have to hunch myself over in less-than-comfortable ways, especially when typing or doing anything that requires quickness.

But reading? Or, blogging leisurely? Not at all impossible. And on a beautiful afternoon like this, with the bar open to the outside and not much to do workwise except pay attention to the inbox? Well, who cares if it is taking me twice as long as it otherwise would to write this post?

So, what's on tap this afternoon? I'm going to finish my veggie wrap (served with sweet potato fries -- yum!), catch up on blog reading, maybe have a beer while going through the bibliography of a book that's pertinent to my own book project (and get a reading list started for this next step towards book), check my inbox and do whatever comes along (going upstairs if necessary), and generally enjoy the afternoon.

What about y'all out there? I know some of you are heading into summer break and/or sabbatical? What's on tap for you this lovely day?


  1. I am writing computer code... naked!

  2. Haha. Are there curtains around your cubicle, or did you subject your coworkers to this spectacle?

    Actually, I ended up getting through my sandwich and half a beer and was happily going through the bibliography when some work stuff came in to do. And so I left and came back up to the office. Oh well.

  3. In comments, that is. I knew there was code involved (whereas embedding links in posts is set up for dummies) but never bothered to look it up before. Cool!