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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Green Beer, Anyone?

I saw the delivery truck from my window this morning unloading at the bar downstairs:
I've never actually had any. Looks too much like something that came out of a bad scene like this:

I guess that's not really funny. What's happening in Japan is more than a little scary, but what's more appropriate than bad nuclear apocalypse humor on St. Patrick's Day? I say drink to it! And then go for a swim here:

Yes, that is really the Chicago River, and, yes, every year for St. Patty's Day the city dyes it plutonium shamrock green. Sure looks radioactive, but they say it "has been thoroughly tested by independent chemists and has been proven safe for the environment."

Whatever floats your boat.



  1. This reminds me a little of my husband's stories of the first Halloween post 9/11. He was living in New Orleans at the time, and says that it was probably the only city in the US that was already taking the event as "inspiration for costumes".

    So keep up with the dark humor, it helps!

  2. Ah yes, there's dark humor and then there's glow-in-the-dark humor!

  3. As far as black humor, check my husband's comment here:


  4. A little racist, don't you think?

  5. If you have doubts about the integrity of the comments by myself and Spanish prof, please refer to this article in Wikipedia in which the terms "dark humor," "black humor," and "morbid humor" are defined (I claim "glow-in-the-dark humor" all to myself):


  6. Wikipedia is elitist. This is what I was talking about.

  7. Yeah, but that's not what we were referring to. I'm sorry if you misunderstood.