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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Blogger's Block

Have any of you readers experienced this? What do you do to get back in your bloggy groove?

I'm just drawing a great big blank right now. There are things to write about, but none of them seem worth writing about right now. What are they?


There's the novel published by an acquaintance. I'd like to write a review, but I haven't finished it yet.

There's the Atlas Shrugged movie coming out soon. I have some things to say about the novel, especially given my current workplace, but it's been so long since I've read it that I need to reread in order to say anything intelligent. Haven't gotten around to that yet, either.

The Event in April on Cupcake Heap is going to be really fun-times to help organize, but it isn't far enough along for me to have anything to say about it yet (and, who knows, it may actually be fun).

Then there's other workplace nonsense, like the flooded basement that's been flooded for several days and is beginning to make the back hallway, even up here on the second floor, smell like rat corpses.

Let's see...what else?

What about unions/pensions/protests in Wisconsin? As the offspring of K-8 teachers who were active in their union (and, in their retirement, beneficiaries of it, as I am by extension), I feel like I ought to comment on recent events, but I don't feel like it.

Hmmmrumph....you get the idea. I could go the route of RBOC, riffing on the theme of "broken":
  • Broken dress zipper -- it zips properly but then, midway through the day, starts pulling up from the bottom. No wonder the thing was on sale! 
  • Broken chair arm -- the screw keeps unscrewing, until I taped it with blue packing tape today.
  • Broken vacuum at home that won't pick up cat fur anymore (and, yes, that's a problem!)
  • Broken yoga routine -- haven't been going to practice lately.
  • Broken band practice -- yes, I'm in a band, but no one wants to practice until the album's done, and it's not yet (well, everything's recorded, but we need to get funds together for mixing and mastering and cover artwork and CDs -- and no one feels like thinking about new material or practicing old material for new shows until the album is "officially" done).
  • Broken screens -- on the enclosed porch of my house where the cats like to go when the weather gets warm. We leave the inner door open when it starts turning nice out, so they can go out and air can circulate in through the house, but it's on the second floor. And the broken screens are a hazard to cats who think they can fly (I lied in my earlier post about my cat being smart), not to mention an invitation to the bugs I'm not looking forward to hosting.
  • Broken door knobs -- front door at home. Knob's been broken for a couple of weeks now. Just needs a screwdriver and some attention. No one bothers. It falls off every other time you open or close the door. 
  • Broken....I dare not say (bl_g)??
And that's about all the bull$hit I can muster, but, for realz readers, if you've made it to the end of this silly post, how's about sharing your tips for overcoming blogger's block?

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