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Thursday, October 13, 2011

You Room 19 Motherfuckers, Where Are You?

So, I get to work today, and no one's in the office so I can listen to music (I hate listening through headphones, though probably sooner or later I'm just going to give in and get a really good pair).

I turn on Pandora, and "Sweet Jane" is the first thing that comes on. A a most excellent version, too, though not this one (couldn't find video for the version I heard):

And it reminded me of Room 19. And if there are any readers out there who know what the fuck I'm talking about -- and better yet, were there playing this shit and drinking 'til 3 in the morning all those shitty yet awesome nights -- drop me a line, OK? I don't miss grad school, but I do miss playing with you all.

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