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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Did Anyone Else Feel the Earthquake?

I was at my desk in the office and at first thought is was the construction upstairs gone horribly wrong. Nope. Weirdest thing I ever felt, though. It wasn't strong enough right around here to knock things off desks or cause any structural damage, but I'd say it felt just short of that. If the shaking had been just a little stronger, I imagine I might have lost my balance.

Earthquakes?!! Of all things. Too weird.

Best bad pun of the day: San Andreas called and said, "It wasn't my fault."


  1. My husband felt it, I did not, which shows how in tune I'm with the outside world sometimes.

  2. Poor Hobart was so scared he shat all over the living room rug. Oh, and also, the door to the litterbox area shook shut, which gives him a convenient excuse. No, really, the cats were pretty shook up -- pun intended -- and we also lost a few picture frames. Never felt anything quite like it.