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Thursday, January 27, 2011

New Job Starts Today

I don't have time to write much now, but today is my first day! I won't be there for a full day, just a few hours to shadow the person I'm replacing, but I'm nervous anyway. Why am I nervous about being a secretary? I'll write more about that later, but not the least of my fears today is trekking through all this snow and ice to get there without slipping and breaking something. One of the things I've been looking forward to is being able to walk to this new job, as opposed to taking buses and trains as I've always done in the past (more about my carless existence later, too). It's about a mile and a half from home, which will be good exercise when the snow is gone, but sheesh! A snowstorm the night before my first day that's left everything encrusted with an icy, slushy, slippery coating? Oh, well. I did grow up in the Midwest and have walked through worse. Wish me luck on this adventure!

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  1. Good luck! You'll do great. I live in the Midwest now, and when I moved here was the first time in my life living in a place where it snowed. I got used, so I'm sure a little snow and ice won't deter you.