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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

True Sagittarian

If you follow horoscopes, you know there’s been a lot of bluster lately about changes to the zodiaz. My favorite astrology guru, Rob Bresnsky of Free Will Astrology, says these supposed changes are bunk: “The zodiac isn't wrong. Your sign isn't changing. Ignore the misinformation.”

Whew. I’m still a Sagittarius. That’s reassuring, because if the zodiac really had changed, I'd be that weird new 13th sign. Besides, Rob’s reading for Sagittarius this week totally reaffirms that I’m doing exactly what I ought to be with my life right now:

“Dear Rob: All my life I've been passionate about the big picture -- learning how the universe works, meditating on why things are the way they are, and probing the invisible forces working behind the scenes. Too often, though, I'm so enamored of these expansive concepts that I neglect to pay enough humble attention to myself. It's embarrassing. Loving the infinite, I scrimp on taking care of the finite. Any advice? - Larger Than Life Sagittarian.” Dear Larger: You're in luck! Members of the Sagittarian tribe have entered a phase when they can make up for their previous neglect of life-nourishing details. In the coming weeks, I bet you'll find it as fun and interesting to attend to your own little needs as you normally do to understanding the mysteries of the cosmos.

Attending to my own little needs? Yay! I can say yes to taking a walk, playing with my cats, reading trash, watching TV, eating crunchy cheesy things, taking guilt-free naps, watching the snow melt, and generally celebrating the little things life offers without worrying about what it all means in the big picture.

What about you, dear readers? Are you true representatives of your signs?

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