"In many disciplines, for the majority of graduates, the Ph.D. indicates the logical conclusion of an academic career." Marc Bousquet

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

And in response to today's search terms ....

It seems lots of you are getting here today via searches for "want to quit adjuncting" and "back out of adjunct contract." Summer term getting you down? Fall semester planning making you depressed?

Well, welcome! If you've read some of my whinier recent posts about my current post-ac job experiences and wondered whether I have ANY regrets about leaving two and a half years ago, well .......

Fuck NO I don't have any regrets!!!

I'll take the Petting Zoo's bullshit or Think Tank's delusional lunacy ANY DAY over academe. At least I get paid a living wage out here. And the more time that passes and the more things I do, the more opportunities I have -- exactly the OPPOSITE of academe.

Now, if you have something lined up and you're ready to quit, march that adjunct contract over to the shitster in your department who led you to believe you were privileged to have the honor of being offered $2500 per class and go rip that piece of crap to shreds in their face.Trust me, they're not going to sue you. There are too many others eagerly willing to take your place.

And then go get on with your life. And maybe start a blog.


  1. Would you write up a quitting adjuncting post for How to Leave Academia?? We need a voice on that.

  2. Yeah, I can do that. Might be a week or two before I get to it, though. Email me if you want to talk details.