"In many disciplines, for the majority of graduates, the Ph.D. indicates the logical conclusion of an academic career." Marc Bousquet

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Any post-academics out there who want my think tank operations director job?

I'm dead serious. We've started circulating the job posting on nonacademic sites. Surprisingly quickly, we've already received several responses. They're all crap on a stick so far.

I also circulated an invitation to some people at Grad U and among some other academic/post-academic types but no word from any of them yet. I think the politics might be an issue for some such people, although, really, it should not be ... Just look at what adventures you may have!

We want to get this taken care of quickly, and I do feel some sense of obligation to get someone good. New Think Tank President is biased towards hiring another post-academic looking to get off the adjunct track. (Apparently, we don't totally suck at stuff!)

So, long story short, if you're a post-academic in the DC area, you've been following my blog long enough to know a little about what this job might be like, and think you might be interested, send me an email at recentphd@gmail.com, and I'll fill you in on some details. We'd like to have some interviews lined up for the week of 6/18 and make a decision by 6/25. (Isn't this soooooooooo much better than the timeline for academic jobs?)


  1. Did you try reaching out to this post-academic blogger?


  2. PANYC knows where to find me. PANYC, you out there? You would kick ass at this if you want to move to DC.